GoFundMe in New Zealand

The time has come. Tickets are nearly purchased, belongings are being whittled down, and bon voyage birthday parties are being planned. Just one thing left, and that’s to raise funds from strangers so that I can avoid starving or running out of gas in the first few months I’m in New Zealand. If you’re able … Continue reading

Moving to New Zealand, Step 2: The BCVs of Moving Abroad

As anyone who’s ever left their house for any reason will tell you, it’s a little more complicated than putting on a pair of shoes, picking up your bag, and walking out the door. If you’re a shut-in, sorry for taunting you. When you’re moving away from the place you called home, it’s an even … Continue reading

Moving to New Zealand, Step 1

Let’s be honest here. The first step of moving to New Zealand is making that decision. Frankly, that decision for me was made SO LONG AGO that I don’t remember what first attracted me to the country. I said the same about Portland, Oregon, when people asked me why I was moving here almost 2 … Continue reading

Family Writing: On Pink Pangea: Bite Me: Why I Ate an Insect in the Brazilian Forest

Somehow I missed the opportunity to post my mother’s second travel writing piece on Pink Pangea earlier this year! I couldn’t be prouder of her, but also, her writing it both thoughtful and quite funny, so I can recommend it with only a little bit of bias. My brain screams “SWALLOW!”, my stomach shouts “SPIT!”, … Continue reading

Not Your Momma’s Travel App…

…though your mom will enjoy it, too, particularly because this specific app lets you know when you’re near a site that was made famous by a woman in history. For instance, from where I’m writing, when I click into the app, I find three historic sites within .8 miles (attributed to Arcadia Publishing, which has … Continue reading

How to Pack, According to Buzzfeed

For that trip you’re planning to take that requires a suit and no toiletries:   Thanks, BuzzFeed, for having the answer to all questions.

Family Writing: On Pink Pangea: Gaining Passage to India

I am thrilled to announce that my mother, S.B. Fabian, has had her first piece of travel writing published online! Both of my parents are Anthropologists, so I come by my travel bug and insatiable curiosity about human nature and other cultures honestly. Both of them were world travelers long before they met each other … Continue reading

Crater Lake National Park

Back in the spring, I declared this 2014 summer The Summer of Camping. My goal was to camp at least once a month during May, June, July, and August, and I’m proud to say I made it! I wrote earlier about my Alaska adventure in May. Now for my Crater Lake adventure just a couple … Continue reading

Alaska: The Last Frontier

Alaska State Nickname: The Last Frontier State Motto: “North to the Future” Origin of the Name Alaska: The word Alaska is from the Aleut Indian word “alaxsxaq” or “agunalaksh,” meaning “the mainland” or “shore”. As you might have guessed, I’ve recently returned from my first trip to The Last Frontier. My best friend, Shane, moved … Continue reading

Rock Climbing at Smith Rock

There were four of us in our late 20s/early 30s plus our guide. Most of us had met for the first time the day before, none of us had ever climbed outdoors, and now we were staring up at a rock wall we were going to climb, trusting these strangers to keep us from plummeting … Continue reading