Family Writing: On Pink Pangea: Gaining Passage to India

I am thrilled to announce that my mother, S.B. Fabian, has had her first piece of travel writing published online!

Both of my parents are Anthropologists, so I come by my travel bug and insatiable curiosity about human nature and other cultures honestly. Both of them were world travelers long before they met each other – in fact, they were at the same archaeological dig site at the same time years before they actually met (my mother was with the group of hitchhiking hippies; my father was with the group of students working on the dig). Now, I can happily say both of them are also writers! My father has three published books (and numerous articles), which I will feature in another post sometime soon. Today’s post is all about my mother’s newest endeavor – travel writing!

As a child, I would hear snippets of my parents’ stories from before they had children. Luckily for us, they continued to travel, taking us with them. But it was these stories of who they were and what they experienced as people long before they met each other that has always fascinated me. I’ve been begging my mother for years to write down these stories, and luckily for me, she’s started to. Today, her first published piece has been released online on the Pink Pangea website.

Gaining Passage to India

“The siren began its long, mournful wail that grew in intensity over the course of several seconds. It continued at a high pitch for half a minute, only to fade away and begin again. Hearing the call, my heart seized in panic as my eyes flew to the window in search of what might be coming. Planes? Helicopters?  I jumped off my seat and scrambled under the desk, hands clasped across the back of my neck as I faced the floor and silently prayed that no planes would appear, no bombs would drop, nothing would explode, nothing would hit me.”

To read more of her exciting and dangerous experience in Pakistan in the 70s, click here to be taken to her full article. Make sure not to miss her clever “About the Author” paragraph!


Pink Pangea is an online, women-focused, travel community offering up articles and stories, tips and tricks, writing workshops and other events.

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