Travel Writing: On Paradise of Exiles: A Guide for Moving to New Zealand

2015-11-23 14.27.06.jpgWhile I’ve written before about my process for moving to New Zealand, Chandi Wyant, founder of travel website Paradise of Exiles, encouraged me to distill it into a concise article, offering practical advice for those looking to follow in my footsteps. A great exercise in editing, I present to you, my Guide for Moving to New Zealand, published on Paradise of Exiles:

My move to New Zealand happened after almost three decades of daydreaming, yet when the moment came, it was still a surprise. New Zealand will award free, year-long, working-holiday visas to American citizens only if they are age 30 or younger. A few months before my 30th birthday, the time constraint became all too real–it was now or never.

The light bulb went off in March. By May, I had the visa. By September, I had a ticket, and in October, I stepped off a plane in Auckland, New Zealand. Within a day of landing, I had a NZ cell phone plan; within a week, a bank account; within a month, a car.

Read the rest of the article on Paradise of Exiles to benefit from the research and tips I share as a result of my experience.

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