Welcome to Parnell, Auckland, NZ

Warning: This is a post mostly about geography.


New Zealand is the one with the big arrow pointing to it. The US, where I just came from, is NE of it.

Today is my fourth day in New Zealand. As I mentioned in this previous post, I jumped right into an apartment housesit situation, which is allowing me to settle into the country on my own terms and at my own pace.

The Little LocalI’ve spent most of the last few days exploring the neighborhood I’m in, Parnell, which is a suburb of Auckland, and its nearby neighborhood of Newmarket. Parnell is a picturesque little place, apparently known for being posh and the “oldest suburb in Auckland”. It has lovely parks and walks, a French market I’m excited to visit this weekend, the Auckland Museum which I will visit for free once I get my bank account set up (more on that later), and a delicious little cafe, The Little Local, right up the street from my house. Newmarket is more of a mini-city with a mall and shops and restaurants. I’m right on the cusp of both, which is lovely for me, as I can go for my walk in the morning in the neighborhoods and parks of P2015-10-18 10.03.53arnell and then run by the grocery store and bank and post office and whatever else I need in Newmarket in the afternoon. The best part is the pool a few blocks away! It’s Olympic-sized, and $8NZD will allow me to swim as long as I like, use the sauna and steam room, and sit in either or both of their humongous spas (or hot tubs, for those of us from the States).


For those of you wondering exactly where this all is, well, start with the image at the top of the post to situation yourself in the world, and then continue with these images here.

See that island to the NE of Auckland? Waiheke Island? Stay tuned for more about the adventure I’m having there on Thursday. Hint: It has something to do with this.

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