5 Goodbye Gifts You Didn’t Know to Give a Traveler

What do you get your traveling friend when they’re about to embark on a journey? They’re busy paring down their lives, packing and repacking the one 50 lbs-or-less suitcase and personal carry-on item they’re allowed. You don’t want to shower them with impractical things they won’t end up bringing anyway. So what are your options? You can certainly host goodbye dinner parties, perhaps gift them with a travel journal (yes, I know that’s still a thing), yell bon voyage as they drive away, and sometimes even hand out cold, hard cash (thanks, Mom). While I would never look a gift horse in the mouth, here are some things you might not think of that would make a great goodbye gift in the weeks leading up to the great departure:

bra case1. A gift card to an underwear store or lingerie shop

Who wouldn’t feel better starting off on a new journey with some brand spankin’ new undies in their pack? Never-before-worn, freshly washed, no stretched out waistband, holes, or stains to mar the crisp, clean perfection of a new pair of panties, a lacy thong, a new bra, or whatever it is guys wear.

I was lucky enough to experience birthday/bon voyage pedicures recently.

I was lucky enough to experience birthday/bon voyage pedicures recently.

2. A mani/pedi appointment

Something for the both of you! Have a last friend date with a mani/pedi so your friend can step out into the world confidently with buffed and shined hands and feet. Metrosexual men, don’t be afraid of the mani-man-date.

3. A gift certificate for a massage

Your friend is most likely stressed and tense, sore from packing and moving boxes and furniture, perhaps restless at night – in short, tied up in knots. Why not help them calm down with a half hour or hour long massage session to soothe their body if not their mind?

4. A gift certificate for a chiropractic appointment

This follows the same train of thought as above. Your voyaging friend is going to be carrying bags, shuffling through airports, trains, and buses, and sitting in cramped seats for hours on end. Get them a little adjustment before they leave so they can at least begin the trip standing up straight.


5. Offer to ship one box of goods for them

Shipping rates are right up there with airline prices these days – in other words, astronomical. If they’re moving to New Zealand (ahem), for instance, a 20 lbs box could cost as much as $120-$150 to ship. And, if your friend is traveling for a larger length of time, it might be helpful for them to have a, say, “winter box” of clothes, snow boots, hats, gloves, etc. sent to them 4 months after they initially arrive. You can always slip a little goodie into the package for a surprise treat when you send it.

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