Travel Writing: On Pink Pangea: 5 Less Explored Networks To Use When Traveling

Oh happy day! My first official travel writing piece has been posted on Pink Pangea, the women’s travel writing community. The first thing I do when I’m thinking of traveling to a country, state, city, neighborhood, or side of the street other than the one where I’m currently living is tell everyone about it. Literally … Continue reading

Food: A Travelogue

I am not the ultimate foodie. My mother is. That woman has eaten bugs in Brazil, will crack bones open to suck the marrow out, and I’ve seen her absolutely relish the green stuff inside a cooked lobster’s stomach. I will happily admit that I am not that hardcore. I do, however, love food. The … Continue reading

Moving to New Zealand, Step 2: The BCVs of Moving Abroad

As anyone who’s ever left their house for any reason will tell you, it’s a little more complicated than putting on a pair of shoes, picking up your bag, and walking out the door. If you’re a shut-in, sorry for taunting you. When you’re moving away from the place you called home, it’s an even … Continue reading